Can others upload to my projects/account without a account using APIs?

Is it possible for non-frame io users (users who don’t have a frame account) to upload large files (>=20GB) directly to my frame projects or account? I know that non-frame users can download files via shareable links (although they can’t comment), but my question is can they upload large files as well?

The upload functionality I’m talking about is possible with other cloud storage services like Dropbox and pCloud. See image below:
Upload functionality

I’m a freelance video editor for some… shall we say, technically challenged people, so I need users to be able to upload files to my account without them having to create an account themselves. Is this possible?

Thanks everyone!

This is not a native feature today however one of our partners, MASV, does offer this functionality and has a integration.

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Wow, thanks so much for the info! I’ve never heard of MASV before, but it looks promising. I’m definitely going to look into it this weekend :slight_smile:

Checking MASV’s pricing, I do have a follow up question about Frame’s pricing… I’m still confused by the “per user” part, so let me give you a couple of scenarios:

Overall, let’s say that I’m on the “Teams” plan, I have 10 clients, and that I create a new project within Frame for each client.

  • Scenario 1: I invite each client to their project, they upload their footage to my account (possibly with MASV), then I upload their deliverables to their Frame projects. Each project is fairly lengthy, so all 10 clients are added to their projects for a whole month from May 1st to May 31st. In this scenario, I’d be charged $275 for the month of May (for my user + 10 clients.) Is that correct?

  • Scenario 2: all 10 client’s don’t have Frame accounts, and their raw footage is on Google Drive. But, I still use their Frame projects to upload their deliverables and share them using Review Links. The clients leave notes on the Review Links and then eventually download the final versions. In this scenario, I’d be charged $25 (for my user only) because none of the clients created Frame accounts or uploaded footage to the Frame projects (even though they did leave comments and downloaded the deliverables without accounts using Review Links.) Is that correct?


Bump for my pricing question above. Thanks!