Frameio to Google Drive Integration via Make (integromat)

Hello, I understand this forum is for people that are more code centric but I’m desperate.
My dream outcome:
Upload footage to Google Drive folder> Creates an Asset in Frameio > Sends review link to Airtable

I’ve been scouring the web for the past few days trying to figure out why it is not working.

The frameio documentation says to use the webContentLink property which I’am and it does create an asset in but the file says preview unsupported and the file size is 0mb…

Hey there!

So we’ve had issues importing files from Google Drive for quite some time now either via Zapier or Make and it very hit or miss.

It’s less to do with how our API works and more to do with how Google Drive exposes assets on links like the one you’re providing to via your workflow here.

I’ll ask some of my colleagues if they’ve had any luck getting this working via Make and get back to you.

Hi @jhodges! Any updates on this?

Any workarounds I can take a stab at? Thanks so much.

I ended up switching to Dropbox and it solved all my problems! I’ve been running it seamlessly for months now. Hope that helps!

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Glad you managed to find a workaround with Dropbox!