How to archive video files to external storage like Google Drive?

Hi! Is it possible to use APIs to save a copy (a duplicate) of a video file to a separate long-term storage provider like Google Drive, pCloud, or even an AWS bucket?

I know that Frame has its own Archival storage, but I’d like to save copies of my finished video files to another storage provider as well for long-term backup purposes.

So far it seems like the answer is no, but I’d be willing to hear possible alternatives, For example, writing a script to automatically download files from Frame and then upload them to another service?



Check out this article one of our Developer Relations team members wrote back in 2020.

Hey! Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: it’s unclear to me if this will work for storage solutions other than S3. Any idea if a similar set of Lambda functions could be used to connect to Google Drive? @jhodges

Yup! It’s all gonna be custom code though. For Google drive, there is a 750 GB upload limit per day that you should keep in mind though.

Gotcha! Is there a way to do it without Lambda functions? I’ve never dabbled with them so I was hoping there was a way to do it directly using Frame & Google Drive APIs