New Here - Does the API Include functions to create Proxy Media?

Hi, I’m exploring creating an app using It would be an easy-to-use version of Filmic Pro. After filming a clip in Filmic Pro, the app creates proxy media and automatically uploads that to for immediate use in the edit.

I’ve scanned the documentation but it doesn’t look like the API includes functions to help with proxy creation…or did I miss something? Thanks!

Heya @BoxMan_Actual, this sounds like an interesting project!

We generate proxies automatically for anything you upload that we support, but do not provide mechanisms by which a developer could provide their own proxies for a number of reasons.

Any particular reason you wouldn’t just want to rely on the proxies we generate?

Ah, OK. Great to know! I was unsure if provided the ‘proxy-generating code’, or if the Filmic Devs did that themselves. Sounds like it’s part of, so that’s great to know.

Actually, are you aware of any other iOS apps using Frame?

There’s LumaFusion that has an integration with Frame for pulling content and pushing cuts!

FilmicPro is creating the proxy on the device to relink to the OCF later. The reason for the Proxy is the smaller file size to upload while over Cellular. created proxies of assets once an asset gets to Frame.