Uploading assets with python-frameio-client


The readme at GitHub - Frameio/python-frameio-client: Python SDK for interacting with the Frame.io API. suggests using client.assets.create() to create a video/mp4 asset, then using client.assets.upload() to upload an mp4 to that asset.

I’m just using client.assets.upload(parent_asset_id, file_path) and it seems to be working. The example script ‘upload_asset.py’ does this too.

Is what I’m doing ok, or should I be creating the the asset first, then upload into it?


Hey Kenny!

So the client.assets.upload() function is actually a simplified version of the older upload method that would require you to first create the asset and then pass that to the client.upload() function.

If you wanted to use the older method, you could still access the old uploader via client.assets._upload().

I’ll make a note to update the Readme in the next release.