Getting 422 on create asset with source URL

I am using frame io V2 SDK and trying to create an asset with source object.

I am uploading files to S3 bucket, which is publicly accessible and I am able to open bucket object from everywhere.

After uploading to S3, I want to move that assets to frame io cloud.
I referred documentation to achieve it.

So I am sending following payload to /children frame io API.

  "type": "file",
  "name": "image.jpg",
  "filetype": "image/jpeg",
  "filesize": 8975,
  "source": {
   "url": ""


Unfortunately. this APIs fails and giving me 422 response.

Response is like,

 "code": 422,
 "errors": [
        "code": 422,
        "detail": "The supplied parameters were malformed",
        "status": 422,
        "title": "Invalid Argument"
 "message": "Invalid Argument"

I have tried to figure out what is wrong. But, nothing worked.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

@harish_kommuri have you found the answer?

I’m having the same issue. I wonder if it works or how it works. The Source/URL is not included in the API reference, but it looks like the most important piece of information.

Is that the only way to upload the video to Frame IO to drag the file into the interface?

Any guidance from the team?

Hey @oz_saturday this actually is documented in the API reference here although I will admit it could do with a description and maybe a guide to make it clearer how this upload method works.

We support the “ingest” of a linked file via a supplied publicly accessible URL via this field through which you can do a “cloud to cloud” upload of a file without the need to upload something our user interface.

When ingesting via this method, the only required fields are the name and the type: file, as well as the source.url.