Downloading assets

I’ve looked through the docs and found info on uploading assets but not on downloading.

The goal is to get assets (videos) from frame onto a headless AWS EC2 instance.
I fetched an example asset’s manifest and can see a file URL
'h264_1080_best': '

How does one download an asset?

Heya @GeoffArcher!

I’ve been meaning to make a guide for “Downloading assets” for a little while now, but I’ll try and take care of that this week for you. With all the different “states” that an asset can be in as a result of different security settings, watermarking on/off, which version of watermarking, etc - it can be pretty confusing trying to understand and plan for all the edge cases.

In the meantime, if you want to get a very basic understanding for what you want to do, check out this function in our Python SDK.

At its most basic, you would just grab the original key and then download that, since original here is exactly what it sounds like!

Thank you!
I have stumbled through it and worked out a basic download for the original asset.

I’ll learn a lot from your linked Git script. I’m still learning classes and recursion.

The Developer Docs guide you through the hierarchy- Account > Team > Project > Assets
And that was very helpful. At step 6 though, it would have been very helpful to see the steps and Get command to fetch the metadata for an asset. Instead it jumps to upload.

Available script is not helpful in downloading Assets

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