How can i download Videos from using python

Hi Team,

I am unable to download videos from using python.

Hi there! Couple of questions for you before we can help you put:

  • Are you using our Python SDK, if so which version?
  • Can you download videos in your account using our web app?
  • What error are you getting, can you share screenshots?

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You’re using a key piece of the SDK as a script rather than using the SDK. Those relative imports are what makes the SDK work internally.

Here’s a quick sample to get you started!

import os
from frameioclient import FrameioClient

asset_id = "YOUR_ASSET_ID_HERE"

def download_asset(
    asset_id: str = "",
    destination: str = "./downloads",
    token = os.getenv("FRAMEIO_TOKEN")
    client = frameioclient.FrameioClient(token)
    asset_info = client.assets.get(asset_id)
    download_stats =
        asset_info, destination, multi_part=True, replace=True

    return download_stats

if __name__ == "__main__":

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Did you supply an actual “FRAMEIO_TOKEN” you would have gotten from our developer site or did you try to use my code exactly as is?

I just redacted your token and we will be revoking it so you will need to make a new one. Please don’t share those publicly as it will give anyone access to your account!

Glad to hear you were using token in the right way though :slight_smile:. Having taken a look in our support tool I don’t see a token associated with your email address. Can you send me a direct message on the forum with the email address your token should be associated with so I can check its permissions?

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