Automatic Download


I’m a film editor and the DIT on set will upload MXF proxies for me over night.
It would be great, if these files would get downloaded automatically on my disk, so when I’m coming to my edit suite in the morning, everything is already downloaded and I could immediately start working and don’t have to wait for the download.

That’s how I’m normally working with FTP upload / download - everything is syncing automatically on my disk.

I’m working with Avid Media Composer so there is no App integration but a watch folder function for downloads in the Transfer app would help a lot.

Or is there any possibility with Zapier integrations?

best regards,

Hey Marty!

Thanks for the feedback, do you mind actually submitting it via this form though? This way it will go directly to the product team through the right channels.


Just saw that come in, thanks Marty!