How to create an asset_id

Hello, I’ve looked at the api documentation, in the create an asset section, you explain that you need to enter the following url: “/v2/assets/{assets_id}/children”

I’m using the api via n8n, I’ve tried generating a uuid but it doesn’t work so my question is how to create an asset_id so I can upload assets from n8n to

I’d also like to know if in source if it has to be a url or if binary data works too.

Thanks a lot!

The UUID for the {asset_id} in the URL path needs to a parent folder in, you wouldn’t be generating that yourself.

Here’s where you’d find the parent folder id in a browser URL:

The source can be a URL if you follow the right syntax as described here, but keep in mind it does need to “publicly” accessible so that our servers can fetch that file and import it into

You could also upload the binary data yourself but you will need to write your own multi-part uploader as described here in our docs.