Need help creating a "frame io" downloader

Use Case: 1. “Scribie com” user logs into his “Scribie com” account.
2. Clicks on the Frame io importer icon.
3. It asks the user to authenticate himself. Once successful, it lets him connect to his
“Frame io” account.
4. From there the user can select his “Frame io” files and download them directly to

I need to do so in “node js”, Does any one has any information or help in any way.
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Hi there!

Happy to help here. I’m actually working on a new guide for the developer docs covering asset downloads.

Which HTTP client are you using in node so I can provide an example you can use?

Hi, thanks for you reply! and pardon me for my delayed reply. We tend to use express for our backend work. We are using the request module…
We want to implement oauth2 flow for Needed help with the backend part of the flow.

Heya! Sorry for the long delay responding here, happy to help out. Do you want to schedule something with me via my Calendly?