Full scope required for review links in developer token

What is the full scope required for listing review links (ie, project.review_links.list([ProjectID])? I have ‘read’ set for review links and for most everything else. I can iterate down from the account level to the project level just fine, but I get a ‘403 Forbidden’ error when I attempt to list the review links with the desired project ID. I also attempted in an http call and received the same error.

Appreciate the help.

Hey there @arcmedia, I just did a quick test based on what you had described and it looks you just need to make sure you have the following scopes so you can do your account traversal before you get to the review links endpoint:

  • account.read
  • project.read
  • reviewlink.read
  • team.read

If you don’t have access to the project you’re trying to get review links for in our user interface, you won’t be able to list those review links via the API.

Understood. Turned out to be a permission issue with the user itself the token was assigned to.

Ahh, glad you were able to figure it out!