The app returned "Forbidden"

Trying to get Zapier to create a link but I get a Forbidden error and says Zapier doesn’t have the permission. As far as I can see I’ve given all the permissions I can to the a third party like Zapier. Is there something I’m missing? Thank you

I may know what’s going on here. Are you authenticating via a developer token or OAuth?

Also, I’m assuming you’re trying to make a Review Link - and not a presentation link via a code block?

I’m pretty sure it’s the developer token for Zapier.

Yes, trying to make a Review Link

Got it, so in that case it’s possible your token doesn’t have permission to create a review link.

It’s also possible that within your Zap you’re attempting to make a review link using an ID that doesn’t actually correspond to the right ID for an asset, I know our payloads are pretty verbose and can be confusing.

Do you mind sharing some screenshots of your Zap, while making sure to obscure any private info?

you bet!
Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 1.45.32 PM

let me know if you need anything else

That all looks good to me. I did see that you have an additional token on your account labelled “review links” that only has permissions to create, read, update, and delete review links.

I’ve never tried being this explicit with the token scopes but it’s quite possible that you also need to add account_read, team_read, project_read, project_update and asset_read just to be safe because of other API calls that happen during the course of the creation of a review link which are currently being blocked.

What do you have to do after you create the token? I copied it but does that info need to go somewhere?

Update: I changed Invite Only to false and it worked.

Okay, that’s quite odd. Do you know if maybe your account doesn’t allow public shares at the org level?