Seeing versions in review links

Hello, I have a script that saves review links as files are uploaded. If I generate a review link manually in the browser I can choose to show asset versions, however, when my script generates the review link then asset versions are not viewable. Am I missing an option to allow asset versions to show?

Here is what I’m using to create the link

    #create review link
    payload = {
        "name": "New Review Link",
        "allow_approvals": True,
        "current_version_only": False,
        "enable_downloading": True,
        "has_password": False
    review_link_id = client._api_call('post', '/projects/' + project_id + '/review_links', payload=payload)

    # add assets to the review link initiated above
    payload = {
        "asset_ids": [my_asset_id]
    review_link_id = client._api_call('post', '/review_links/' + review_link_id['id'] + '/assets', payload=payload)
    review_link = review_link_id['short_url']

The review link saves correctly aside from the fact that no versions in the stack are viewable.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey there! So you’re super close actually, the only thing you’re missing is that you need to provide the ID of the version stack, rather than the ID of the asset if you want to include versions.

Think of version stacks as a container with multiple child assets, if you were just provide the asset - how would it know about the rest of the items in the stack (it wouldn’t)?