API Call "List Review Links" shows only 50 items

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I am using a Make Scenario to achieve the following workflow:

  1. Trigger: New Comment added to Asset
  2. Get Comment
  3. Get Asset
    4. List Review Links from Project
    5. Filter: get Review Link Item where the Asset ID of the Review Link Item matches the one from the triggered Asset
  4. Search Project Management Task (ClickUp) based on the short Link found
  5. Edit Task Status

Now the problem lies in the Module in step 4. which seems to only show a maximum amount of 50 Items. So if the right one is one of the subsequent items it will not be shown. Thus the filter does not get a match and the secenario ends.
I haven’t found any configuration to change a maximum amount of items pulled. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Thanks a lot!

To get more items, you could append a query param of ?page_size=100 to the API request, but that may increase the latency on the request and the max supported latency for our API is 30 seconds (but may decrease in the future). The right approach is to make paginated requests in order to build up the full list of items in a list response, but I’m not sure how easy that might be to do via Make.

Here’s our documentation on pagination.

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Thanks, I will take a look at this!

Hey there,

thanks a lot, I was able to just set a higher page size. Now it works as intended.

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Glad to hear that worked!