Download Thumbnail [videos and images] using Make/Integromat's Frame API Module or HTTP API Module

Trying to pull thumbnails of both video and still image assets on frame for use as thumbnail previews in Airtable’s Kanban view. I am able to do so using the Get an Asset [{asset_id}] call, in which the response will sometimes include links in strings like image_small and thumb_orig_ar, but often those will come back empty.

How do I force frame to generate those thumbnails and share direct links to them, so I can then download those files elsewhere? One of the links was something like:{asset_id}/thumb_orig_ar_540_99.jpg{a long string of other info}.

If this is impossible, are there any other ways of pulling thumbnails from files using Make/Integromat, if the process is
-editor uploads file to dropbox
-file is uploaded from dropbox to frame
-information for frame link and dropbox link is added to airtable


Hi there! will only generate those thumbnails when assets are done transcoding, so make sure you’re listening to the asset.ready webhook, rather than the asset.created one or you’ll be picking up assets before the thumbnails have actually been created.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll want to double-check that something is in fact type file rather than folder depending on which webhook triggers you’re listening to on that particular webhook.

As for how to build out this workflow, we’ve got a guide here for Zapier, but don’t have much in the way of documentation/training materials for Make/Integromat at this time.