Make - Make an API Call Module


Noticed the note about the new Make category @jhodges. Thanks for putting this out there!!

I’ve been successful with the “Get an Asset” and “Update an Asset” modules in my Make scenario. But I want to be able to create a Presentation link and separately a Review link for an asset. Since these don’t exist as modules in Make, I’m trying to use the “Make an API Call” module, but I just can’t get it to work without an error. I’m definitely a beginner here so apologies for my lack of knowledge with API stuff :slight_smile:

I unfortunately don’t even know if I’m approaching this in a way that will work, but here’s a screengrab of my “Make an API Call” module to show what I’m thinking it should be. Any advice would be appreciated. Not sure if I should be making the keys and values for the query string or if I should just be writing it all out in the Body section for starters (but I’ve tried it both ways with no luck so I’m sure there is some other thing I’m missing. Thanks!!


Hey there Bennett!

I think I know what the issue is, and if I’m right, it means that you’re actually doing everything 100% correct and the problem actually lies with the “Make an API Call” module itself.

We’ve also experience similar problems with the auth for that module, and have reached out to Integromat (Make) to ask them to fix this issue and also add some missing features!

In the meantime, you can still make arbitrary API calls, you’ll just have to construct the request from scratch.

Here’s an example of just that:

Thank you so much! That worked!

If you ever hear back from Integromat that they’ve updated any of the Frame modules, will you post it here?

Thanks again!



I will try to remember to do that! I’ve got a couple things to follow up with them on after the Integromat → Make re-brand since we have support pages, our own marketing site etc, that all reference the old name.