Create a Review Link API not working


I’m building an on-demand video ad app using the no-code tool, Bubble.

Bubble has a plugin called API connector which allows you to copy paste cURL and create a call.

I’ve successfully connected and initialized many of Frame’s API calls, but the one giving me some trouble is “Create a Review Link”.

I’m able to connect the call and initialize it, and receive a response that included a Review Link ID, meaning that the call is technically active. But when I run the call in part of a workflow, it does not work.

Specifically, the call is not creating a review link, despite providing me with a review link ID in the initialize response. I verified this because the Review Link does not appear in my Frame dashboard.

I’ve been working with support on this for a week or two now, and they’re looking into it but I was wondering if anyone else encountered this issue before?

Thank you