Embed review links

Hello everyone,

First of all i wanted to thank frame.io team for this amazing product !

I have having a real issue here that I really don’t understand.

I would need to display the frame.io review link directly embed into my client’s backoffice but it seems that embed review links is not autorized as i keep getting 401 Not Authorized when i try to add comment on the review link from this embed iframe.

This is really important for us because we need to monitor the review process and add some help / feedback buttons when displaying the frame.

Opening in a new tab/link would not be an option.

It would be really much appreciated if you could enable embedding a review link :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !
Best regards

Hey Jack,

Unfortunately embedding frame.io within iframes is not supported at this time. While you may find that it works on review links depending on their settings, it is not supported and may break at any point in time.

Hi Jeff,

Do you know when it may be supported ?
Or maybe explain why it may never be ?

This would be really helpful for everyone who has some automated process for handling video orders.

Embedding review link works but any action like adding comments is Not Authorised.

Thanks for your fast answer.

So the reason it’s not supported and may not be ultimately comes down to cost. You’ll notice that unlike many of our competitors, we don’t charge you for bandwidth.

If we allowed for embedding of frame.io assets, and someone shared an embedded clip on Reddit and it got a million views and we were stuck paying the bill for all that bandwidth and our pricing model didn’t account for it, then we’d be in quite the pickle.

It’s not that we won’t ever support this functionality, it’s just that at this time it wouldn’t be prudent do so without holistically solving the problem both with changes to our pricing as well as the way in which we serve our media to better optimize our costs for that kind of usage.

As to why no actions work to do things like adding a comment, that’s a limitation with i-frame’s and how they can communicate with browser storage to do things like store credentials. They’re designed around isolating the i-frame from the rest of the page (in case you have malicious content loaded via i-frame) in a way that prevents access to the secure browser storage where you do things like keep authentication tokens, thus an action that requires an authenticated API call - like leaving a comment, won’t work within an i-frame.

Thanks Jeff for your answer AND the explanation !

I get the bandwidth problem. FYI, the review link is working when embed and I haven’t tried with other links.

I get that you may be focused on other subjects now that Adobe is with you (and congrats for that) but this feature would really be helpful :slight_smile: and I think that it won’t be that hard to bypass browser storage limitation the day you want to :wink:

Please keep in touch about this if possible.

Have a nice day,
Best regards.