Webhook Data for Zapier

Hello - I’m trying to create some workflows with Frame.io data when I upload a new asset. I’m not a developer, but trying to figure it out. If I use Zapier or Pabbly, the data returned from frame.io doesn’t correlate to my file name or project name at all. I upload a file titled “test6.jpg” and it returns “aee39618-9163-42d9-b983-6799ccbf23e7”

Hey Drew, so I’m not sure about Pabbly but that is what you should expect to get in a webhook payload. We only put references in there, so that in a worst-case scenario if thy somehow get intercepted - you would still need to enrich that reference with the resource it points you to.

Not sure if you’ve looked at our guide on webhooks or not yet, but here’s a link.

If you’re using Zapier, I’d suggest using our app, rather than handling the webhooks yourself manually.

Thanks for the heads up. I tried using Zapier, but trying to create a review link, I keep getting the error "The review link could not be sent to Frame.io.
The app returned “Bad request”.”

Drew MacAlmon Parallel Media | www.parallelmedia.me 719.304.1340

Hey Drew, I’m going to need a little more info from you in order to investigate this further.

Do you mind sharing some screenshots of what your Zap setup looks like, specifically what values you’re passing in for each of the fields? Can you also grab a screenshot of the error on the right-hand side of the Zapier builder under errors?

Just made sure to redact anything that might be private info. IDs for assets don’t need to be kept private as our roles + permissions will still prevent anyone from accessing them even if shared on the internet.

Sure here are some photos.

Those were super helpful! So right off the bat, I think I see your issue.

For the “Asset” field, you should be passing the id of the asset, not the name. I can see how that’s confusing though, so I’m going to make a note to add some “help text” underneath that field so the next person isn’t confused!

Cool - thanks for your help! That seemed to work.

Drew MacAlmon Parallel Media | www.parallelmedia.me 719.304.1340

Glad to hear it worked!