Tagging / Identifying Option Inside Videos with either a # or ? For Use In Entire Library

First off I want to apologize if this is not the right place to post this question. I wish I was a developer.

As a news organization we do many interviews in the field, they are uploaded and we utilize the @ option with no issues.

Often at the end of an interview we may ask a question unrelated to the subject of that interview and hold for later release. For example I am interviewing a fighter - and at the end of the interview he tells us what his New Years Resolution was. I was told previously by Frame IO to use a # and then create a title like NY2024 to locate the portion of this interview.

This is not working!! We are redoing our demo reel and I wanted to add in testimonials of people speaking highly about our project. I did tag # then testimonial but can’t find in an overall search.

I also asked my editors but they did not have any suggestions.

Did Frame IO give me wrong information? If not how can I search the term? Is this even an option moving forward? Full Disclosure not cheap and am by no means trying to take advantage. If this is a feature that I need to hire I will.

With great gratitude

Susan Cingari