Social Media Scheduling from Frame

Anyone have any workflows that they love that allows for to be the catalyst that kicks off a video being published to all the social networks?

I am looking to create a way for a video that is marked approved in to be sent to a social scheduling tool. My current idea is to send from frame to dropbox then to airtable to generate the captions then send to hoot suite.

Not sure if anyone else has done this in a reliable way. Thanks!

Hi @zoltronic! Happy to help here.

I’m curious why you’d send to Dropbox before sending to Airtable?

You’ve got a couple options for how to do this ultimately.

  1. Trigger it based on the asset.label.updated webhook trigger which fires when an asset status is changed.

Here’s a basic version of what this could look like in Zapier.

Here’s what the more advanced version could look like with the YouTube + Zapier part added as well.

  1. Trigger it manually using a Custom Action that sends something that ultimately looks kind of like a webhook payload. Then on the other end you need something that can receive that webhook and then decide what to do with it next.

To learn more about our Zapier app, check out this link.

To learn more about Custom Actions, check out this link.

I’m also exploring ways to streamline the process of publishing videos on social media after approval on Your idea of using Dropbox, Air table for fly captions, and Hootsuite sounds promising! I’ve been looking for a reliable workflow too. Let’s exchange insights on making this social media magic happen