Longer file names on Review Sites


The Review Links are a great way to share my edits to the director / agency / client.

My filenames need to be very specific “date_time_client_film_duration_version”

Usually my filenames are longer than 20 characters and so they are cut on the review site.

Instead of “21117_3pm_nike_turtle_30s_v3” only “21117_3pm_nike_turtl…” is visibly and the only way to see the version number is when you mouse over the filename.

It would be great to support longer filenames.

Also the possibility to show the files in text only mode and sort them by filename / creation date would be great.

Another good feature would be autoplay. So if I’m uploading individual scenes of a feature film or dailies of a shooting day, the director could watch the whole movie or footage from the whole shooting day in a row with autoplay.

The highest priority would be the longer filenames :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hey Marty, thanks for the feedback! I can tell you as someone who used to be a customer before joining the company, I’ve run into it as well with long filenames so I hope we take care of it soon :).

If I’m not mistaken, I think I saw that you submitted this through another channel of ours as well - correct?

This is my #1 issue with Frame.io - we’ve have to rename everything to work on Frame.io and it’s a real hassle. I second this request please ASAP!

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