Find folders with filters in Zapier

I’m trying to filter uploads and comments to

I can only seem to filter from projects but I have various folders within the projects that I want to pin point to Monday boards

Hiya, the New Asset trigger for in Zapier works for the entire Team. All projects will trigger regardless of whether or not the asset is in a folder or not. You will need a multi step zap whereby after the new asset trigger is used, later you can add a “Find Project” folder to grab all the project metadata. Hope this is helpful.

So I have assets uploaded to folders that are in folders. I only want comments from the assets that are inside multiple folders triggered. But I can’t find how to filter folders in Zapier.

for Example, this asset is a folder that’s in a folder. I only want the comments from that asset to be in a Monday board.

To do this, you’d add a Filter step in Zapier -, and then grab the folder ID from frame to use in that step and make sure that the parent_id of the asset matches that folder before allowing it to continue to the next step.

thank you! How do I find the parent ID of the folder?

For any folder you enter in, you’ll see the folder appear after the project id in the URL.

Just like this: