Weekly Upload Emails (Integromat)

Hello framers. I’m looking for a way to send a weekly review link with a summary of all new uploads in a specific folder with a client.For example:

  • Videos get uploaded sporadically into a specific folder throughout the week.
  • Client needs to receive an email every Thursday showing all the new uploads.

So far, I’ve managed to set up Integromat to send an email whenever a new asset is uploaded, but now I need to specify the folder it must watch, collet all that data, and then send an email on a particular day. Any help/advice?

Thanks in advance.

This is a really interesting thing you’re trying to do here! I’m not entirely sure that Integromat is going to support this workflow though.

You have two ways you could approach this:

  1. Make this a task that runs once a week, that collects all new assets that were uploading by using our Search API and filtering by the date something was uploaded at, then creating a new review link and adding every asset you found via search to that review link

  2. Attempt to keep this review link up to date on the fly using Integromat triggers (webhooks) and generating a new review link each week as part of that

One concern with #1 is that I don’t believe search or pagination are supported via the Integromat integration right now. I could help you figure out the API call manually in Integromat but it will be a little more complex. I do also want to call out that there is a risk building this on our Search API today as it’s a little slow, and has been known to respond with empty queries from to time. I have bug tickets open for both of those issues, but don’t know what the ETA is on a fix.

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Hi jhodges - thanks for the response!

Been working on it slowly and so far I’ve been able to use a template on Integromat to send hourly notifications to Slack of all uploads that happened within that hour, including links to the folder (using the project ID).

I’m hoping it’s as easy as:

  • changing the time interval to weekly
  • adding an email module
  • changing the project ID link to a review link (not sure how to do this).

I’m happy to slowly explore the Search API as well. The more I learn the merrier.


Glad to hear you’ve been making progress! Did changing the interval end up working, or is there more to it than just that?

In order to make a review link instead of a project link, you’d have to first create a new review link, and then add all the assets to that review link, then you could pass that link along to Slack.