Frame status update -> notion

Hey I am currently trying to build an automation that I would like to build with and notion.

We are an agency that produces a lot of ads for our clients. We would like to automate the following task:
when a creative status updates to needs review → it is also auto updated in our notion crm to feedback. (Meaning our editors can solve the feedback immediatly!).

We are currently building this in make. Do you have any experience with this? We are currently facing the following issue: we store the review link in notion but this is not the same as the asset id where the status changes.

That’s correct, review links are best though of as containers that can reference 1 or 100,000+ assets.

So the best way to do what you’re looking for is to track in Notion not just the review link, but every asset in the review link. Then whenever an asset’s status label changes, you’d catch that webhook somewhere and use that to update the asset and subsequently the review link’s status in your Notion document.