OpenAPI/Swagger Specification

Is there a publicly available OpenAPI or Swagger specification for the API? This would be a huge help for us in client development.

Funny you should ask, the next update to the API reference will enable to download option for the OpenAPI Spec! That should be out some day this week and I will do my best to follow-up here with a link to it.

Thanks @jhodges, this is very good news! In the absence of a spec, I have already started making my own C# client.

There is actually an unofficial one for .NET that you could probably use!

Here’s a link to our OpenAPI Spec that you can use for now. I generated this just a few minutes ago from the latest version of the spec improvements I’m working on so it will likely differ from what’s published on v2 API at this time (it’ll be better).

Keep in mind that trying to use an OpenAPI code-gen tool for our API probably won’t work super well because our spec isn’t 1:1 with the actual API.

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I’ve seen it before, but unfortunately it’s a very incomplete, abandoned project.

Thank you so much @jhodges, you made my day!

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