"Invalid argument" when trying to create a folder via Zapier

I created a zap that creates a new frame.io project when I add a card in Trello. This is working fine, but I’d also like Zapier to create a folder in the new project. But it returns “invalid argument”

I also tried to choose a project instead of a dynamic ID, but it doesn’t work. It won’t show me any folders

There you see, no folders:

Hey Alex, this does appear to be a bug in our Zapier App. The code for this part of the app hasn’t changed in ~5 years, so I’m not sure if something changed in our back-end that might have caused it to stop working or what’s going on.

I have found the solution. You need to add the step “find project in frame.io” and then add the “root asset id” in the folder field.

That’s one potential solution for sure, but the code for this field should automatically grab the root folder for the project that you’ve picked up above by default.