Create a Project With Folders in it

I see the wonderful example in the API documentation for creating a project:

import requests

team_id = "YOUR_team_id_PARAMETER"
url = "" + team_id + "/projects"

payload = {}

headers = {
  "Content-Type": "application/json",
  "Authorization": "Bearer <YOUR_JWT_HERE>"

response =, json=payload, headers=headers)

data = response.json()

And I also see the similar example for creating assets. I’m wondering if it’s possible to combine these ideas and create a project with named folders (and subfolders) already in it.

The then extra piece I’m looking for is if the AirTable API and the Frame API can talk to each other without using Zapier. I just can’t get as far as I’d like with Zapier; right now it’s because of the folder thing I just mentioned and the limits on the number of Zaps I can have in my currently free version!

Thanks for the guidance; I just didn’t want to get down a rabbit hole and then find out there was no way out!


Heya @NanMelch!

You sure can do this via the API, and using scripting blocks in Airtable, you can actually get it done without Zapier entirely. However, the only downside is that unless I’m mistaken you can only use Javascript code in Airtable’s scripting blocks, so the Python here won’t help you out.

The good news, is that I believe we have an example floating around somewhere that I can share with you for this.

This example is for Zapier, but should work in a similar way in the Airtable scripting environment.

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That is awesome, thanks!