Custom Actions on Folders

From looking at the documentation for custom actions, it looks like they may only apply to assets at the moment. I’m exploring building an integration for a customer, and custom actions look like a great tool for an interactive UX that helps gather the data necessary. For this particular use case, it would be really handy to be able to trigger a custom action on a folder instead of an asset. Think: “send all assets in folder to a downstream system”.

Is it possible to create a custom action that can be triggered on a folder?

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Hey Brad!

That’s a good question, unfortunately custom actions are not supported for multi-select on assets, or on folders at this time. It is in the backlog though, and I’ll add your request to the ticket.

Thanks for the info. As a work around, I’ll use the form call back to allow users to choose if they want to send the specified asset or all assets that are siblings. Fetching the children for the asset’s parent if the asset is type “folder” should give me what I need. Something like this could work.


The form callback on custom actions provides a ton of flexibility.

Thanks again!

That’s exactly what I was going to suggest!

Another thing you should can is using emoji in the drop-down to help denote asset vs folder.

thanks for the awesome information.