Can't create Webhook


I’m trying to create a webhook but the page does not seem to be submitting properly. I didn’t have an issue creating a token. Am I missing something I need in terms of credentials? Thanks.

Hey there! Can you clarify where you’re running into this problem?

I’m assuming this is on I can see your error and you’re trying to create the webhook without setting a Team for it to correspond to. We should be catching that error better though, so I’ll take a note to improve that.

Yes, that is correct. However I wasn’t sure what to enter as the team. I didn’t see anything on my organizations main page and there were no drop down options. Entering something arbitrary didn’t work either.

Copy that, having looked at your account it seems that you are on one of our pro plans and so don’t have access the Team functionality which webhooks are tied to. With that said, it should automatically populate with your default team (you still have a “team” you belong to, it’s just hidden) and use that.

I’ve reached out to the developer on my team who built the page in our developer site to take a look. So we should have an update for you tomorrow!

Thank you for the reply. We changed my access level to admin and that seems to have fixed the issue. Now when I create a webhook I am given a default team in the drop down and everything works fine.

Oh excellent, glad that worked! In general, the required priveleges for configuring Webhooks are Team Manager access and up, but I guess that since you don’t have a “Team”, the alternative is just admin.