401 error using Make.com Make an API Call module and the PATCH method

Hi, I’m getting a 401 error when trying to use the Make “Make an API Call module” to update a project to the Archived status. I’m sure my API token has full permissions and I use this module to create projects so I can’t understand why I’m getting this error. Can anyone shed some light on it for me?

Unfortunately archiving is not one of the features supported via our public API, at this time.

The change you’re trying to make via this PATCH command, if it did work, would only update the status but it wouldn’t actually trigger the archival process as that uses a different endpoint.

Ahhhh okay, that makes sense then. Really appreciate you coming back to me @jhodges.

Do you think this is something that will be supported in the future?

Honestly, I don’t know! We’ve got some upcoming changes to the archival feature that might finally reduce the risks associated with public API the archival feature to a degree where we’d feel comfortable making that change.

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Thanks for coming back to me. Much appreciated.