Error 500 on v2/comments/{id} API


I’m always getting an error 500 when trying Fetch a Comment by its ID via the API. Even on the playground using the “Try it” button. All other routes (like Get impressions, with the same ID) work, but not this one.
If I use a bad ID, I do get an error 404, but with a valid ID, I get an error 500. That makes me think there is a problem on the backend. (otherwise I’d get a 4xx).

Hey Louis, you are correct and this is actually a known bug. Working on getting it prioritized with engineering right now!

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Thanks for the info. It would have been nice to have it on the status page though it would have saved me some time troubleshooting :slight_smile:

We don’t normally share specific information like that on our Statuspage, but I have brought it up with the team that manages that page, and this is something that I hope we can better about communicating in the future so that developers like yourself don’t waste time on something we already know is having issues!

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