Change/Assign project owner

Is there a way to assign a project owner upon creation with the API or to update the project with a new owner? I don’t see owner listed in the available preferences for creating or updating a project. This is throwing off other API based workflows, as all projects created through the API are “owned” by me, since it is my token being used. Another automation uses the owner to send the project lead (who should be the project owner) a reminder at the conclusion of the project to archive… And all of those are going to me instead of the intended recipient.

So as far as I can tell, this isn’t something you can do via the API at this time unfortunately.

When you say you have an automation that “sends” the project owner a reminder at the conclusion of a project, by what mechanism are you sending this reminder?

I’m using Integromat for our automations. The scenario checks for project completion in Asana then sends the project lead a reminder in slack to archive the project. Doing this since there isn’t a way to archive projects with the API. The scenario works, it’s just sending me all of the reminders since projects are created using the api (with my key) automatically. So I’m now the owner of everything.