Basic Auth problem

I’m getting Not Authorized when attempting to auth:

{‘code’: 401, ‘errors’: [{‘code’: 401, ‘detail’: ‘You are not allowed to access that resource’, ‘status’: 401, ‘title’: ‘Not Authorized’}], ‘message’: ‘Not Authorized’}

I have a fresh dev token. What are the possible causes for this?

There are a lot of different reasons that you might run into this error.

  1. You, and thus, your token do not have access to the resource
  2. Your token doesn’t have the correct scopes to access the resource

Without sharing your actual developer token, can you maybe share a screenshot of the API request you’re making (showing the Authorization header, but mangling or redacting the developer token)?

Could you also share a screenshot of the scopes you’re setting for the token?

I set Scope to All, basically

Looking at your screenshot, I can see that you’re just passing the token in directly.

{'Authorization': 'fio-jskldjslkjls'}

What you should be doing it is:

{'Authorization': 'Bearer fio-kajflajflajfla}

Ahhh, that works. Thank you!

Great! Glad to hear that was it.