Trying to get files to automatically upload to through dropbox

Hey! I think you need to pick “Download URL” for this to work.

If the URL ends with ?dl=1 I think that means it’s a directly downloadable link, which is what we need. In other words, if it doesn’t end in that then the URL you pass to us ends up loading the Dropbox website to show the options for download, that’s not going to work and it’s where you’re going to run into issues.

Hey thanks for the response on this. The links end with “&dl=1”. When I try it in a browser that isn’t logged into my dropbox, the browser automatically downloads it. Wondering if there’s an additional formatting issue the URL that I can change?

I also just tried downloading the file that gets uploaded to The download is an QuickTime file, .mp4, but the file is only 250bytes.

How large is the file you’re trying to send over?

The file I’ve been trying to upload load is <20mb. I’ve been looking more closely at share settings and still there is nothing striking my attention to being wrong. When I copy the link from the Dropbox create share link module, and paste it into a browser that I’ve never logged into Dropbox with, the file automatically downloads. Oddly, when I download the posts that are created from this scenario, they’re 250bytes but the file that’s downloaded is a .mp4.

The fact it downloads as a 250 byte file with the extension matching isn’t all that surprising. We’ll save the file based on whatever is provided in the asset create operation, whether it’s “successfully” downloaded or not.

Only thing I can suggest is that you make sure the link has the setting “anyone with the link can download” configured so it’s truly a “public” URL.